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1989 Bis

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I will have to start again as I stupidly placed this in the wanted section.

Its a 1989 RHD bis that is MOT'd. Bought as an unfinished project but change of circumstances forces us to sell it.

Has New:

4 tyres on newly powder coated wheels, brake lines, hoses, master and slave cyls, ign coil & leads, fuel tank, fuel pump, headlining. Electrics overhauled and all working. Interior complete but tatty in places, Some minor blistering on paintwork but underside is solid and rust free (does not appear ever to have been worked on), car was resprayed before we got it but 

Spares (mostly used but good) include. 2 radiators, cooling fan and motor, many hoses, steering wheel, instruments, coils, lamp lenses, electrical bits, starter motor, heater fan, carb, exhaust system, speedo/instruments, new door window surround trims.

Please pm if interested

After listing the car on ebay and not selling it I am wondering what the best way of selling the car is.

I keep hearing how desirable 126's are and few there are for sale I thought it would be easy to sell. To be honest whilst is a solid car and has an MOT it does need some finishing off and at the moment seems to have a carb problem and is a bugger to start.

I dont have the time to work on it but need the space so it has to go, anybody looking for a 126?


Hi Ian, there was a guy messaging on here not too long back looking for a 126, think he was called Geoff? If you look at the old messages he'll be in there somewhere ....might be worth a look.....what you asking for it?

Bar Vitelli:
My friend is after a 126...and he’s a mechanic! What price are you looking for?

Was hoping for about £2500 but very much open to offers.

I forgot to add that there is a spare bare engine in addition to the other spare parts.



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