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Raduno del Yorkshire!


Bar Vitelli:
8 car turnout in Yorkshire - believed to be the largest outdoor gathering of Fiat 126 in the world (so far this year)! 😉😘

Bar Vitelli:
...a 500 and a Giardiniera turned up as well! 😉😘

Cool,  Normality    :good:

love it.  great to see so many in one go.

I have seen three today.  mine and two in workshop at a garage.  that is by far the most of seen in a day

Bar Vitelli:
Thanks, it was a lot of work but nice to see them all out! Three in a day is very good as well! It would be great to see some pictures if you have any! 😉 👍 They were very dusty so I cleaned 5 but have the other 5 still to do!


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