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Brands Hatch 18th August 2019

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If anyone is interested in attending this years Festival please Register as an Individual Owner, this gives you the opportunity to decide if the weathers bad or for some reason you can't make it, it doesn't reflect on club126 we can organise to meet locally and drive into the venue together nearer the time

Count me in!

Hi Pete
I've just checked, albeit a bit late ::) and there are now no places left left for display vehicles.  I was wondering (hoping) ...... has the club got display spaces reserved and it's just a case of paying 20 quid for a std ticket and us all meeting up outside and then getting into the display area?  Regards, Adriano

Sorry Adriano but I didn’t book a club stand this year so I don’t have any passes, maybe next year if we get a little more enthusiasm 🙂

Presume, only display/club stand vehicles can drive on the race circuit.

I thoroughly enjoyed driving my 126 on the race circuit the last time. It was absolutely awesome. It was also good to see other members. Oh well, maybe next year.

I might piggy-back with a friend of mine who will have a stand there. But he will insist I bring my GTV.


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