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Captain Tracteur:
Good evening Gentlemen (and Ladies of course),

I'd like to ask your advices about sat navs. I have recently moved to London, and the place I work at is about 20 miles away from my flat. I decided to buy a proper sat nav, 'cuz the one one my phone did let me down, and being lost in London and/or being stuck in traffic jam on the main routes is not that much fun.
So do you have any buying guidelines or recommendations on a particular brand or model?

If you could get the one where John Cleese give the instructions you'd be fine. Don't get the one with B.A. from the A-Team. He won't bring you to the airport.

Captain Tracteur:
:D :D :D
I'm afraid, John Cleese wouldn't give directions if I refuse to perform silly walks. :)

Sat nav can be fun.... :D (try not to laugh..)


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