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How to embed YouTube videos in a message


YouTube videos can now be embedded into a message.

So instead of having to click the link to a YouTube video, it can be watched inside the message box which is much easier than navigating off the page.
However videos cannot be embedded by using the "embed code"

select a video from YouTube which you wish to post on the forum. Highlight the "url" and right click, copy;

Paste the url code into the message box on a new line;

Highlight the pasted "url" and click the "YouTube" Icon, Your link should now have [youtube] at the beginning and end of your URL link

And that's it!

Hit the preview button, The player should now be embedded into your post   

Then hit the post button.

Bar Vitelli:
Thanks, Chris, is there a similarly simply worded guide for attaching pictures for non techys like me?  :$

easiest way to attach pictures is to use the Additional Options at the bottom of the new message field, use Attach: Choose File. But note that the maximum size of the photo must not exceed 82Kb

Nice one Chris, very easy when explained well.


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