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Hi everybody,

I manage a google map which the aim is to list where fiat 126 are in the World.
You can see the map on this page :

I also work to make a website about it.

The map has his Facebook page :

If you want to be on the map, please send me a mail at or a MP in this forum with the information you want to give.
Nickname :
Adress : I need the town
Type of car, color,... :
E-mail :

We are currentlty 21 on the map, from France, Belgium and Hungary.

Thank you everybody for your collaboration.

Currently, there is 28 cars on the map. 2 of them come from England.

Don't hesitate to join us on the map.

Thank you everybody for your collaboration.

I invite you to visit the first version of the website of Fiat 126 in the World.

Currently, it is a light version whose will evolve in the next months.

Tnx to wrodka there are now 3 italian Cars on The map.

Beautiful job !

On the Italian forum we are now planning to link to this initiatives, really well done.

Kindky, Fred

Hello everybody,

This message only to say you that I add one page na Fiat 126 in the World website. It is an agenda who will able to collect all big meetings organized in the World.

If you want you can propose me some to add.


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