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Removable steering wheel kit Fitted


Finally I am catching up on some of the jobs I had planned to do ages ago!
Since the recovery of my car It had become apparent that some damage had been done to the engine which has taken all my 'fiat time' for a while now, and since there was no engine in, i was less worried about it being stolen again!
During this time though, a friend of mine had his Daf 66 car nicked with a slightly less fortunate outcome.

So if you haven't already started, please start thinking about some extra security.

If you read one of my earlier posts you will already know that this steering wheel kit came from Ebay from a 205 Pug. It took me a fair amount of machining to make an adapter to suit the 8mm difference in the pcd of the bolt pattern so I would recommend finding one that is universal

Another advantage with this kit is than i can now make a bracket to lower the steering wheel. Once the wheel is removed I can get out of the car with ease!

This is what it looks lie with wheel removed (takes seconds)


--- Quote from: michaelodonnell500 on September 26, 2008, 05:10:18 PM ---This is what it looks lie with wheel removed (takes seconds)

--- End quote ---
hey what make is it any free play?

I think it's a sparco, but I can't tell without removing it.
No play in it. There are cheaper ones available but I can't vouch for them. I wasn't to keen on the cheaper ones beacuse I couldn't be sure that they were using a random pin location for security. I think I got mine for about £30 on ebay. Only trouble is that universal ones will need an adapter to fit the fiat spline. I had to make my own.

Joe Webb:
Just did the same thing, I think it's a great idea.

it also brings the wheel a bit closer as well so i can shift the seat further back, so it's a better driving position overall. Could do with coming down a little bit though. Also, the indicator stalks are a little far but not too bad.

only thing is the horn contacts are exposed so the horn often sounds when I attach the wheel. I intend to fix that by installing a battery isolator.


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