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Engine won’t turn over

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Hi guys apologies if this has been asked previously but I drove my fiat 126 air cooled engine two days ago and went a treat, tried to start today and nothing, won’t even turn over

Any ideas on what the problem is

I have recharged the battery but still nothing

When you turn the key to the 1st position do oil & ignition warning lights come on?
If yes, what happens to those lights when you turn the key to the 2nd position? (I'm assuming it has a key starter)

If the headlights are working and the battery is full charged have you bridged the terminals on the solenoid to determine whether its faulty

When I turn the key the lights on the dashboard go off

Bar Vitelli:
Something similar happened to one of my cars, I can’t explain why the fix worked but effectively the chap sprayed a load of WD40 into the lock and turned the key on and off about 50 times. Keep an eye on your battery charge as it may run it down.


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