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Submerged Fuel Pump Inside Tank (BIS)

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Hi gents,

Converted the 126 BIS engine to EFI by using single point injection from Fiat UNO. Fuel delivery is done by an external pump which could only be located to the engine bay instead of low-level of tank. As a result, car runs fine but system suck air if the car stays for long time and creates difficulty on first starts...

Does anyone have an opinion or a solution for placing a pump inside the tank without ruining fuel gauge ?

In the early fuel injection systems there used to be a fuel Accumulator in the fuel line after the pump.  This was a like a temporary fuel reservoir (Marmite jar size) and it held the fuel at pressure to ease starting etc.  Not sure if this would help your problem but maybe worth investigating ...

Blimey that's a very nice clean engine you have there  :o :good:

sorry I cant answer your question.

Have you tried a petrol non-return valve in front of the pump there's loads on eBay

Hey bud, would you please share a link of those ?


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