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I’m looking to put oversized pistons in alongside reboring my current cylinders. But I’ve noticed two different sizes, one being H=25 the other H=30.
Can anyone please provide me with some info at to what the difference is and what I need to consider when doing this mod?.
I’ve attached a pic to show.

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Rusty's Uncle:
I believe that refers to the height of the piston above the gudgeon pin centre. Not sure if you realise that with the piston size you show you will need new special barrels and the crankcase will need boring out to take them.
You may be able to achieve 700cc by using Bis pistons.


--- Quote from: Rusty's Uncle on April 02, 2019, 07:01:30 AM ---I believe that refers to the height of the piston above the gudgeon pin centre.

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This is something you would need to consider if changing the stroke of the crank while retaining the maximum piston height. Rusty is right about the piston size. You can have standard barrels bored out to 80mm (bis piston size), but it leaves the bottom skirt of the barrel a bit thin. Anything more than that you will need to buy oversized barrels and have the crankcase modified.
Another important point is that the price of boring out from 650cc to 700cc nearly costs the same as a set of oversized barrels so it's not a budget way to a faster engine.

Ah well I emailed Ricambio about their oversized 795cc piston and barrel set and they’ve told me that no boring or modifying of the crankcase needs to be done.

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That's interesting.
I asked these guys about the 700cc barrels and the kit they sell has a larger diameter outer skirt. The diameter of the outside barrel is mm. 84,50 and the crankcase needs to be drilled to 85,00mm

I always thought these kits came from the same place, obviously not! I have a set of barrels that I had bored out to 700cc. The guy doing the work thought the material might be a bit thin around the skirt area, but as the piston doesn't travel in that region so he thought it should be ok.  That leaves me feeling a bit more positive about my re-bore then!


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