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Bar Vitelli:
That's fantastic, Pete, the Giardiniera is a wonderful car to drive! I was out in mine last night, it's noisy, it's draughty, it's got double declutch which I have yet to work out how to use properly and the 499cc engine means that you have to get momentum before you can attempt to go uphill! All of that said it is great fun and the load capacity with the back seat down is probably bigger than that of most small vans!


The Giardiniera was my first car, back in London in the mid-1970s. PYE 744 F. It was a great little car, and that sun roof meant we carried loads of awkward things like radiators and plumbing pipes that others in the family with their big sw****y cars (like the Marina !!) couldn't accomodate. Sadly 'PYP' went to that great parking lot in the sky, but not before he'd carried us and all our worldly goods up the A1 to a new life in Co Durham.

PYE was a Middlesex registration iirc, but there was a 500 saloon further along our road, bright red, with a PYP plate, so SWMBO called all 500s "Pyp", and ours was given the same name.

Loved the baby Fiats ever since.

I am astonished to see the political correctness thought police auto-pilot of this Forum has seen fit to place asterisks in place of the letters A, N and K in the word " s w a n k y". This is a perfectly proper word in the  English language and I'll thank the software not to mess around with it !!!

Oxford English Dictionary:


    1 Stylishly luxurious and expensive.

You could have used POSH  :P


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