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Reverse hinges

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I've just finished a trial fit of reverse hinges for my bootlid. The hinges are homemade from mild steel and will eventually be painted along with the bootlid.

There's a bit more work to do as I'll need to link up an opening mechanism.  I want to make something with a fully closed position and a slightly open position. Both lockable. Haven't fully worked that one out yet but I'll keep you posted!

Here are some pics

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Bar Vitelli:
That's super cool...loving your treasure chest of a garage as well!   8)

Treasure chest?
Thank you for the flattering description my garage is not often described so politely!

 I like this :thumbup. Seems it's easier to work on the engine this way. Very much like the Fiat 600.

I'm not old, but even I get a bad back leaning over the bootlid for too long.

I took a trip to the scrap yard today and found some bonnet catches and pins. Renault clio seemed had the type I was looking for.

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 4 pins and 2 catches. I'll sketch my plan so it makes a bit more sense.


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