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Piotross - the saviour for 126 owners!

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It's not so much a company but a member and his name is piotross and if your in need of that vital part then I highly recommend dropping him a message. He has sorted me out a few times and every time I've asked for a part he's came through and supplied it at not a bad price either. He's based in Poland (the mother land of the "maluch") and I realise it takes a lot to send money over to someone in a different country that you haven't met but I 100% trust this guy and his advice.

Thanks for the cylinder head piotross :D

You managed to get a big valve head then? :). I'm totally skint at the minute so glad you got it sorted :D. Let me know how the copper gasket goes! Keeping mine for the inevitable but for now its running :D. Glad I found Piotr over on the polish forum and he's making use of his membership here :D.

Yes recieved the head today and the gasket last week. its always good to have a "man on the inside" lol

Hi All
I would like to second Gadge ,What an outstanding service we received from Piotr with parts and help
for our 126 lately, Piotross sourced and arranged delivery a Bis windscreen front panel at a excellent price for such a rare panel :)
Spot on Piotr Thank you for you Help :D :D

Pete & Julia

I too have had an excellent service from Piotr! I have so far bought the Front disk conversion kit and a copper head gasket from him and both parts were of superb quality and value. Both also arrived with me in less than 2 weeks! (Highlands, Scotland). Very trustworthy and can say for sure I'll be buying from him again soon!  :)


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