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I recently had some number plates made up with UK Number So a warning if you are after a number plate manufacture don't use this company the quality is rubbish.

Paper thin plates and looks like they are laminated with cling film, only fit for a trailer or something. They go under a few different names and are based in Jersey, so beware  :rant:

did they get the number right though?


--- Quote from: bis13 on April 17, 2009, 11:51:05 PM ---did they get the number right though?

--- End quote ---
that was the only thing that was ok ;)

I used they did me a sweet set of pressed steel (white/yellow) plates via the post I heartily reccomend them!

i used criagsplates too.
mine were the black and sivler ones, thing is the black isnt paint, its a plastic thats glued on, when you bend the rear plate ( mines on a 500) the black plastic pops out.


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