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Ok heres a site from Serbia from which ive already ordered quite a few things, they have, or can get virtually anything your harts could desire (or your cars...) there are a few things on the web site, but most of the stuff youll have to send them an e mail and theyll put a picture of the product on the site. They deliver to anywhere, and payment is: COD for : Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia and Germany, otherwhise youll have to make a bank transfer and then your shipment will be sent....
Enough talk, heres the site, and the email adress, if you need any translation just ask ill be glad to help ;)

He has door cards! YES!!!!

Gordan you are the man for posting that link!

What is the conversion rate but the way?

:D i have instaled those cards on my bis, top class :D
you have a currency option on the right side, it is in dinar, kuna, euro...
the door cards are 20,88€+p&p

For a set of two!!


And I don't have to try sewing myself! [-/

30 Euros for a bumper!!!!!!!


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