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Fiat 126 Steering Rack Rebuild

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What year and model is the rack off? In case they ask..

Bar Vitelli:
I think its from a 1979 Fiat 126 DeVille, iI got it given a few years back so not 100% sure of its history.


I took mine to Andy at Mollsprings Classic Motorcycles and Classic Cars In Holmefirth! I’m not sure of your location but he’s a top man! He knows a guy who does them and charged me £250 to do mine.

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Bar Vitelli:
Thanks for the reply, I’ve had another recommendation and sent it there already with some help from a very kind 126 friend!  :thumbup

Bar Vitelli:
My rebuilt steering rack arrived back this morning and looks like new!


A massive thanks to Chris Lewis for all his help and for recommending the company that did the work! They turned it around quickly, have shown great attention to detail and did the work at a very affordable price!

If you have an old RHD steering rack lying around, whatever the condition, don’t throw it away as it can definitely be saved, mine was crusty, rusty and had been pinched from for spares and somehow they have managed to put it back together so I have a like new part in stock!

It’s a dry day Up North today so I think I’ll go for a toot in my green car to celebrate!


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