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Just wondering do any of you guys know if the Fiat Bis are quite tempermental?
My Bis seems to tick over high and low. I stop and it ticks over very quietly but if I adjust the Air screw it ticks over too high.
Just wondering if this is a common fault with 126's.
Also there is a metal wire that is on the throttle cable where it connects to the carb, It looks as if it hooks on to something. Does anyone know what this is for and where it goes? Just wondering is it something to do with the choke? As the car didn't seem to start as easy from cold since this has happened.
Any guess's anyone?!

I solved the metal hook problem, It was connected to the choke but there is a bit missing. Never mind.

Chris Lakin:
hi jumpin, the carn is very hard to find parts for, floats are non existent,  as i found out. make sure you look after the carb. I though form the first thread you sent sounded like the choke, if your in doubt get fiat or a garage to fine tune the choke, you will have to make sure its perfect any way for the hydrocarbon tests etc for ur MOT. i find the carb very tempremental and hard to tune.



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