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Fuel tank woes

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Hi all, finally a place where my lil babes feel welcome, chris checks in the post, still onto my problem.  The fuel sender in the tank of my 1981 Deville is not working, i have a brand new one to fit but now i have a small problem.  I have spent an hour trying to drop the tank BUT i cant get on top, to disconnect the fuel lines and electrical bits to the existing  sender.  I have had the rear seats out looking for an access panel but cant find one.  Help please, ta shagmeister

never done a 126 tank before, but according to the haynes manual, you lift out the rear seat and disconnect the leads from the tank sender unit.
It also mentions that the sealing mastic may have to be cut away before the tank can be released from its mounting flange.
so good luck m8 :D

Chris Lakin:
thanks shagmeister, that great!!! you will be pleased with what you get.

Chris Lakin

did you suss it out in the end??

Hi all, the fuel tank proved to be a little tricky, there is no need to remove the back seat. I had to remove the rear side inner panel to disconnect the filler pipes.  Then it was all under the car to drop the tank.  It was a pain in the arse fishing under the mastic under the rear seat for the fuel tank wires as haynes comic recommends but i did find some interesting corrosion which is now no longer there praise the hammerite!!    actually changing the sender was easy enough, if a little tricky with 3 loose tank studs, but with a cleft stroke with a junior hacksaw and flat bladed screw driver got it sorted.  I did have to hastily redress the next door neighbour when he's offer of the use of he's blow torch "to loosen then studs!!!".  But still there we go, i do now have a working fuel gauge, thanks all for your help, shagmeister


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