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Engine continues to over run after turning off. Plus I sometimes get a smelly smokey cabin - which could be caused by the choke being out/too much fuel. How can I tell if the engine is overheating?
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i've had this before on my car...

it was caused by the carb not being in tune! the mixture was too rich and too much petrol was being fed...

when i turned the car off the excess petrol would still get burnt causing the car to over-run

Chris Lakin:
Tony's fiesta does that, i think also it can be hotspots in the combustion chanber from carbon deposits building up over time. Indicated by filthy spark plugs. Tony (my brother in law) changed the oil and that alone helped.

Gorilly's right, a carb tune is probably needed. My bis passe dits MOt the otehr day but the emmisions are terrible and somtimes it runs for a couple of seconds after ignition is turned off. I dont know if this is a characteristic or problem.

did the oil change mike, filled it up too much so have to drain a bit 2moro, the drive was is on a massive slope so very difficult to get it between min & max. I fyou over fill sump with oil it can blow your engine from the oil pressure so very important!!


Thanks for the tips! I tried playing with the idle speed. My car still stinks tho'. Plus the missfire has returned... Now I've noticed a large air bubble in my fuel filter - could this be causing my woes?


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