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Hello, I'm new.

Just got my D reg Air cooled back from the garage after replacing a rotten float and choke cable. Now I've got a missfire and the car refuses to idle unless I always use choke - which also stops the missfire. You can probably tell that I'm a complete monkey when it comes to mechanics, but I want to learn. Does it sound like I need to play with the idle speed, throttle cable or choke?
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Sounds like the mixture is to weak? especially if it was ok before the garage played with it!
possible causes, jets clogged, carb not secured correctly or broken gasket?
i would take it back to the garage and tell them it's not right after they have repaired it.
If you want to tackle it your self get a haynes manual, which will explain on how to remove the carb off the engine probaly needs to be stripped down and clean the jets use a carb cleaner aerosol and an air line. Check all settings like float height, idle settings and replace the carb gasket when reinstalling.
good luck!

I reckon you need to try increseing the idle speed slightly and seeing if that cures the problem.

It sound like the engines running too lean (not enough fuel, too much air) on idle. Im not sure how to adjust idle mixture on these carbs tho

Engine continues to over run after turning off. Plus I sometimes get a smelly smokey cabin - which could be caused by the choke being out/too much fuel. How can I tell if the engine is overheating?

Check your points gap, on aircooled its critical and you need it spot on. Youll know if it overheats, it will not perform well and pink under load (kind of metallic rattle). If its running on generally it means your idle speed is too high, could just be that. It does sound like its running lean as well. Take your plugs out after a good 15 mile run and see what colour they are, should be a sort of fawn colour.


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