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Can anyone tell me if this is the correct front shock absorber for the BIS?

I've looked up the Fiat part number which  is 4048307

On ebay the 'check if it fits vehicle' states it fits, but on checking with supplier they say its the incorrect part. Baffled!



For future reference incase anyone searches for BIS Shocks, these are the cheapest I managed to find front shocks for the BIS.. KYB Kayaba Front Shock Absorber part 443005, £30 the pair.
..although the supplied rubber bushings are incorrect. No problem as these can be purchased elsewhere. I bought the bush kit from a very helpful seller on ebay, Stefania from Ricambifiat500spares. All in all still worked out cheaper than other suppliers. Note: Top bushes are different to the bottom bushes.

So the reason I wanted to renew the shocks, one had a very slight leak and MOT was due. Once off the car, BOTH old shocks were surprisingly a lot easier to compress compared to the new ones. Fitting was straight forward once I worked out the positions of the rubbers, metal cups, washers etc, shish kebab comes to mind.
The KYB shocks have a larger diameter shaft/thread aswell. Various supplied kyb flat washers cannot be used due to the overall diameter being too large. Solution is to drill out the new bush kit or old shock washer/s to suit. So its a bit of mix and matching between the 2 bushing kits.

The front end of the car has definately firmed up, handling has also improved. pics attached front shocks and rubbers bush kit...

Next is to source Rear shocks as the back end is a bit too bouncy, although  surprisingly the car still passes an mot. So after a bit of research the KYB part # 443006 comes up as a fit for the 126BIS which is actually incorrect. KYB's site states the mounting type as Top pin, Bottom pin which is okay for the aircooled 126 but not the 126BIS. The BIS is Top Pin, Bottom eye.
It’s only the rear shocks that are specifically different for the BIS model.
Suppliers are limited, so Ricambio looks favourite at the moment, unless of course if anyone else knows a supplier, manufacturer and part number.

Thanks for info.  Mine are on the 'to do' list but a few pages away  :D

Thanks too.....👍👍

Great post Thank You :thumbup


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