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I think the head gasket on my Bis has gone. The car is emitting a lot of white smoke. Weirdly, it idles fine and the colour of the oil is normal. It didn't overheat when the white smoke starting coming off the exhaust when it happened.

Since the timing chain episode (July 2019), the car isn't the same. It went back to Proeitti three times because of overheating issues. You can hear the rear radiator cap sizzling and gurgling all the time from inside and outside of the car. It also spews a lot of coolant from the cap all the time resulting in some slight discolouration in the paint. So, this was like a time bomb which just detonated this afternoon. Sigh!

Before the timing chain issue, it never ever overheated. Oh well.

Does anyone know it would cost to replace a head gasket for 126 Bis. I am dreading the cost.

The gasket is 24 eur

Its a job that can be done with the engine still in the car. After 500km you have to drain the oil and remove the valve cover and carb to retighten the bolts.

No clue how many hours a professional would need. 1/2 - 1 full day maybe

Thanks for that. Just ordered a copper head gasket from axel gerstl. I think the copper gaskets are hard to find, and gerstl are selling it.

Just waiting for a call from the garage.

My Fiat 126 bis is back is finally on the road. i miss driving it. It drives great once again.

The head got skimmed. Had new copper head gasket, new thermostat (incl gasket) and new water junction and sensor installed. All new hoses (top and bottom radiator hoses and heater hoses) except the two at the front. Oil change and red coolant.

Hopefully, nothing else will go wrong. Fingers crossed.


Happy motoring, should keep you going for a while.  :good:


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