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Hi everybody,

Have just bought a 126 bis G reg.  with no MOT or tax and hoping to get it through MOT after sitting inactive for a year or so. I have no mechanical knowledge but learn't to drive in a 500 and thought it would be a fun to own a fiat again.  It is in great condition (minor rusty bits and leftover squirrel nuts in back seat) and seems to run really well but I found a notched elastic band type thing hanging off in the engine. . . . . (am assuming the fan belt???)  I wonder if you could tell me if I can drive it to a garage without a fanbelt on or not.  Oh and Hi I hope it's ok to join in, although not car knowledgeable am affectionate towards the little bugs....

My husband thinks I'm an idiot and have spent far too much on a car I know nothing about with  no mot or tax and he is probably right, but hell whats the point in living if you don't take risks?

Hello Potto,Dave here,you sound like the perfect person to own a 126,welcome!.
as for the fan belt hanging off,well,its not advisable to drive anywhere with it in that state! :? .........the BIS engine is a fragile item,and it will not tolarate too much without good servicing,especially the cooling system.
get it towed to the garage before it gets damaged.
good luck with your new bug!

hi and welcome to the fourm  :D

good to here u are saving one more 126 good work


Hi potto and welcome, re the belt, it should be the alternator drive belt as the bis has an electric fan (left hand side of the engine bay, as long as it starts it should go to the garage ok (just make sure its got water in the colling system (as dave says the bis engine is a fragile beast when it come to cooling as i have learnt myself)

as for being over charged how much did you pay what condition is it and and how many miles has it done??

if the belt drives the water pump on the bis I would not attempt to drive it!
any one know if this is the case?


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