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Chris Lakin:

Please Rate the car, each registered forum member can only leave their vote once and is a (secret ballot box)

If you would like your car rated by the forum members then post pictures of your car here and the poll will be added later. (not sure if the whole thing will work, but i hope it will get more people posting pics of their cars)


its all well and good having a nice shiny car, however it must work properly so i must give your car a lowly 3 and deduct a point cos you have a ig nose... so i give "2" points and think yourself lucky!

Chris Lakin:
haha :D fair play Mick!

i agree, i only put my car up first to get ball rolling! :D she' is deeply offended and said she will not talk to your 126 at next rally.  :lol:

nill point! bit like eurovision song contest this!

Looks very nice but I remove 1 point for the sticker thingy around the rear boot lock and 1 for the plastiic reflector on the door.
The I deduct 8 points because it is a Bis :oops:  Sorry maybe only 1 for the Bis problem.
I won't take any points off for the steering wheel being fitted on the wrong side.
Shame it is white, but I'm in a good mood.

10-2=8 I think.

Remember in 13 years of teaching I have never given 100% to anyone.

Chris Lakin:
very justified points there from Dajwid, possibly a little harsh on some, which are beyond the owners control!  :lol:  :lol:

will Dajwid be so critical on another 126? We shall see.... in round 2

p.s.Have to agree with you, yes bloody awfull those door reflectors previous owner has concreted them on :s just for u dajiwd i will get my hammer and chisel out!!


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