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I thought id better start a restro thread on Freddie
here was my first post on my intentions

Hi there
i own freddie the fiat 126 Bis since 2004 and its time to finally have some engine power not a flintstone powered one in other words push!!
i was told by my local car part supplier that 126 parts were extinct, what a shock to discover places suggested on this forum,
 i will be honest i was drooling at those part pictures, with all the excitment or madness that i could finally get freddie on road and planning forgot to say hello and thankyou..
ive also been told im mad to take this on. lol Undecided  but its something ive wanted to do as soon as i saw 126, for some reason these cars just make me smile,.
 im  wondering if you can fit tow bars to these do witter do one?, would be ace to tow a small trailer 200kg for those jobs that a wheel barrow cannot do, but a car interior would get clarty.

freddie condition is quite well i let you judge
the lack of interior heater, wiper arms, wipers, brake fluid bottle and pipes, washer bag then the coolant leak from water pump were obvious when i aquired freddie
 and lastweek someone reversed into the front o/s winker cry. 

engine wise which is currently attached to gearbox on kitchen top Grin
think has got stuck valve judging by lack of eye brows by carb blow back last winter, (happen while in car)
tappets will need adjustment,
 new seal for rocker cover,
 gearbox needs oil and sealing and breather checking (thinking about a 5th gear mod any good?)
may as well fit clutch kit while out.
gear stick is like a stirring spoon is that the doughnut bushes or rubber link in gear selector rod?
waterpump seals leak even with new fitted so will need to find out why (perhaps shaft worn?)
needs new HT leads the kick from the split one was a blooming shock
already done the crankshaft oil spinner is there some thing in sump i should be cleaning?
fitting seals where necessary x changing oils
changing brake pipes
checking shoes, i may at a later date upgrade to discs the first corner i come to will tell me
body paint  badly needs a re spray so stripping everything right out
window winder turns window doesnt move
door locks seized (my fault for not oiling)
fitting new front seats aquire years ago Grin
cleaning carpets
then final re assembly hopefully for mot
then i finally get to drive, cant wait Grin

 thankyou for reading

ive made a start on the engine
my first problem was the water pump seals leaking
so i took the sump off to take a closer look
the water pump shaft was badly corroded so had to be renewed
the seal looked ok but looking at the manuel and at the sump showed a different seal i had only fitted like for like, so it looks like it had had issues
a simple knock in of the new seal and new shaft hopefully should of sorted and a clean up of the strainer and first job is ticked off

next job was to remove crank pully to clean and renew seal on the timing case, the bolt was easy to undo the socket is 32mm
then the 10mm bolts and engine mount and dizzy then the timing cover releases,
i used a punch to knock the seal out from the inside, replacing was also done from inside chain side carefully with tapping stick once flush with inside,
while cleaning timing cover, noticed some shiny marks the chain must of been rubbing was going to change this and the cogs anyway

you just line the dots up remove the cogs replace with new then turning twice afterwards to check dots line up, my first attempt after 2 turns the marks were out by 2 points, re timing again and turning twice seemed to sort the dots the keyway stops the crank being out and the camshaft sprocket will only line up the bolt holes in one way fit with chain attached

next job was to check tappet/ valve clearance using a big 32 spanner on flats of crankshaft and spark plugs out i negociated the rocker cover out between the exhaust pipes
the gap is mm and is the same for both inlet and exhaust (will just check notes for mm)

ever get that feeling should just check something, even though there was no play i removed the crankshaft shell bearings the crankshaft is ok and with in standard tolerance but the bearings are coppered on the con rod top side
bah humbug seeking advice (thankyou everyone) i decided to get new replacements and new main end bearings which have now arrived
ive dismantled the timing chain and struggled with the cross screws on the timing side of the main bearing, one screw had to be punched to loosen im awaiting replacements of these screw bolts.
the starter and gearbox were removed, then the clutch assembly then the flywheel, im pleased to say the main bearing bolts undid and after a good wiggle slide out to show coppering on the bottom.
due to 2 weeks of man flu not had chance to reassemble

 today the weathers been sunny and warm and dispite a throbbing headache ive stripped some of the interior,

and had a laugh removing the seats, there i was searching for the seat runner bolts and there weren't any, just slid them forward and they come out just imagine if id not clicked then in right and braked hard, well the image of that sudden movement made me laugh any how (strange sense of humor can only send apologies)

the seat belt bolts are blooming hard to shift 17mm next to the b post on floor
once carpet removed and sound mat the floor looks ok
i moved onto the other side expecting holes but again nothing although the brake pipe has been replaced as there is the tell tale sign of previous brake fluid leak, paint lifted should there be a grommet round the brake pipe in the bulk head or the air gap that's left
 the next funny thing was under the rear seat there's an added extra
a rock help supports the edge of the base seat keeping it off the fuel pipes wire harness and washer jet pipe
perhaps i will keep it

 shopping list will include some plastic retainer things the old ones refused gentle pulling, and ended up stretched
also need some roof lining plastic retainer things, ive had to remove the roof lining (it came out in one!!) because the panel that the rear boot hatch, bolts to has tea rusted bagged the roof welds onto this panel, so will need to locate a new panel one or make one

still got the dash remove for the painting
  that's all for today


an update
 ordered some new plastic rivets
ive decided to use screw ones in the hope that any future repairs behind panels will be easier to get at
using vernier calipers I determined the old ones were 6mm

also ordered yesterday
to sort the head lining
just read the tin it says can be used for plastic then not to use on plasticised pvc  
 I was hoping to use a cream coloured faux leather vinyl to make cleaning easier
 what exactly is vinyl made out of?

on the bis headlining the wood structure has approx. 6mm holes approx 10mm apart so the fabric could be sewn to the wood

ive had the grey carpets in the washing machine (one carpet at a time) 30degree c they were badly stained and soiled the carpets have cleaned and dried really well without loosing the shaping and indents
 later I will Nikwax the carpets and the coverings to give a breathable waterproof finish.. (it works really well on tents when in rain so hopefully the interior fabric will dry faster on those wet days)

the gear stick boot is split on freddie bis how do I get the gear knob to release to fit a new one?
is there a hidden clip or does it simply screw undone?
where is the horn located? it doesnt work or has been borrowed
thanks again for reading

 just popped in while the crankshaft seal for rear bearing is in fridge
seal refuses to get started  :$ with little t'ammer so rather than destroy thought cooling would shrink slightly
hopefully this will work???


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