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Fiat 126 -73 restoration [ Now: It's ALIVE...!!! :) ]

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  :) How are you? And how is the car??  :D


--- Quote from: pietschokkenbroek on September 27, 2019, 09:56:30 AM ---  :) How are you? And how is the car??  :D

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I'm fine... I had a long (many many years) break from all of my car hobbies. I have had other things to do + other intrests. However I still own my 126, and it's pretty much in that condition what I left it when I last wrote here. It's a sad story that I kind of had a "burnout" with this car.  :cry: I worked so hard to enjoy the car and when it was about to be ready it didnt work as I planned. Thats why I lost all my "fire" to car building and it has not really been intrest since that.

So what's the plan then? I would really like to drive this car summer 2020. I have never been satisfied by the engine/gearbox combination. It could have worked just fine but it would need few bigger modifications to work 100%. Thats why I have decided to remove engine/gearbox from my car and do some metal work to fit the "original" engine and gearbox back in the car.


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