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Fiat 126 -73 restoration [ Now: It's ALIVE...!!! :) ]

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So I desided to publish my 126 project. I have been dreaming about Fiat 126 many years and finally I bought my first orange 126 -85 "polski".

I bought the car when it was dark and when I got home very soon I found out that its pretty rusty.. So I desided that I won't build a car from that individual. Then I saw an advertisement from internet that there is a -73 126 for sold. Price was only 100euros so I went to see what there is waiting for me.

Well there was waiting a car which hasn't been in traffic since 1988. It has been stored in a warm garage. Kids had been playing with colors but it wasn't too rusty. So I bought the car:

I got home and started working. I made a schedule that all the metal work has to be done before winter. Usually winter comes here in november/december.

Started to work around the car. First little bit of dismantling:

New sheet metal parts:

Started from the front:

Then moved to the front fenders (too bad that I didn't have the inner front fender so I had to make them from scratch):

New right side floorpan:

New sheet metal parts in front:

Right side:

Then yesterday I started to work on the rear right fender:


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