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hello every one

my name is lee

i have owned 2 126's both of witch never got put on the road and got sold.

me and a mate are going to get one soon and do it up and take it to the cruises shows and so on.

looks like a good forum you guys and girls have here

look forward to lurning and chatting to you all

my spelling is crap by the way  :roll:  so you might have to work some of my posts out so sorry for that in advance  :D


Good to have you aboard maxlee!
The forum is new and is still rather quiet, hopefully with more 126 and 500 fans joining it will get better!

Welcome, What kind of plans have to got for the car exactly? and mods? 8)

thanks for the welcome people  :D

as for what me and my m8 have got planed well its all hush hush right now when it starts coming together you will be the 1st people to here about it on the net

if i see any owners i will tell them about the site also when the car gets sorted if it dose my m8 makes stickers and so on, so it will be wering the website [/quote]

Hi guys!
I'm from 126 club from Poland!
It's nice to see that so many people all over the europe love that nice car!
If you hava any questions about fiat 126 just ask


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