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not putting this up on slate my ride yet :lol: ,just thought for anyone intrested heres a few pics off how my restorations getting on,oh and this is a great idea,least that way if anyone needs a hand at least they can see the pics,


looking good there toz!

Nice motor toz !. where did u get those fibreglass arches and sideskirts ?,i couldnt find any last year when i wanted a set. :shock: . I dont think you need to worry too much about people slating your 126,i think they'd be in the minority.

Chris Lakin:
jeez, toz i disdnt realise it was looking thast good!!! you kept telling me how far youve got on with the project but pics really show the work!

fantastic mate

hurry up and get it done for summer  :lol:


thanks for the comments,the kit is actually a zeemax bodykit off a mini,just been chopped and changed till it fits,i have actually seen a 126 arch kit somewhere online for 200 euros,will have a look for you,

i just cant wait to get her finished and come to the meets,might even let people take her for a drive :wink:


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