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Hello from London new member with 126-hunting son


Hi Everyone,

First the admission - as an owner of various beaten up Fiat 500's for the last 30 years I only ever owned a Fiat 126 once, for just long enough to take out its engine and gearbox to support my Fiat 500 in MCC classic trials.  Apologies to the tribe for that.....

However, roll on a few decades and now I have a 14yr old son whose firm determination is that a 126 needs to be his first car.  He's already good at welding and has rebuilt my Fiat 500 engine, so I'm sure he's ready for it.

So he's looking for a cute, boxy little 126 of his own, for paper-round money, any condition considered.  If you have something you're thinking of re-homing for less than £1500 (he's been saving for a LOT of weeks already), please let us know!  I know that it's a long-shot, but I thought it was worth asking on his behalf.

Thanks all,

Welcome Geoff, are you looking for a 126 bis or the air cooled....? I don't have anything myself but I regularly trawl the internet just browsing so if I see something I'll give you a shout....is distance an issue for you?

This could be a good buy - looks in reasonable condition & an easy repair.
It's been listed once previously with no bids

Another one here RHD, which has already had extensive work done... if 2k too expensive and no bids at end of auction, make an offer?


Thanks all for the feedback and suggestions so far.  As for distance, my son says we should go to Italy or Poland to get one!  but more realistically would prefer somewhere in UK, although LHD is fine.  Obviously (I guess!) preference is air-cooled, can't beat that authentic fan noise!


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