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Sons First Car - Fiat 126 BIS (Autocross)

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Next, it was time to make up a bracket for the reverse/fog light, we also purchased a small number plate light so we got it all fitted.

Now while rumaging around in the car I also found a few bagdes.

My son decided he would like the 126 badge on the rear, we decided to reverse the colours of the badge to make it more subdued.


Flying Carpet:
Wow, great start guys, looking good! :P

I think this car has had a lucky escape, glad you saved it from dissolving under the brambles. Someone clearly had big plans for it, so good news that you've got stuck in. Good luck with the build!

All of this has a very familiar ring to it... I think my lad was the same sort of age when I bought our BIS three years ago. Better get my backside off the computer and back into the garage - I've still got a long way to go and not much time left before he's 17!  :$


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