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Hello from Dorset

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Hi I'm Karl and I have recently bought a water cooled BIS Fiat 126 that I will be restoring with my son as it will be his first car. I will get some pictures up soon, but thought I would just say hello as I'm sure I will be on here a lot with questions.

A bit about me I'm personally a classic car man and currently own a MK 1 and a MK 2 Golf both of which I have restored and turned in to show cars, before this it was Classic Minis and Italian Scooters. When I told my son he could choose any classic car, to my surprise he said a Fiat 126.

So here we go the project has started


Hello. Look forward for to seeing the pictures, your son obviously has great taste.  ;D

Hello, welcome to the forum, look forward to seeing your progress and pictures.....very best of luck with the restoration....👍


Excellent, I wish my sons had your sons taste in cars.

Look forward to seeing some pics :good:


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