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Am back now with my 11 year old son who bought a 126

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Has this forum died. So many lookers. So many no replies. What the feck. 11 years old. So many no goodiers

Bar Vitelli:
Good luck with the project, Shielsey, it’s sounds like a great first one for you and your son! Don’t worry about the lack of replies, it’s winter and we’re all fed up of looking at rain and being unable to drive our cars! Over to you to cheer us all up! 😉👍

Yes I understand, tiny had a beetle restored by me when he was 4.last year he bought a polo. For 90 pounds sold it after doing a few bits sold it for 390. Christmas he asked for chiqchento workshop manual.. Then last week I told him about 126 and he bought it. So for lack of pics,


--- Quote from: shielsy on January 27, 2020, 11:27:17 PM ---Has this forum died. So many lookers. So many no replies. What the feck.

--- End quote ---
Kinda, there's daily activity on Facebook. Eventually this forum will only be kept alive by workshop manual purchases and Bar Vitelli's stubborness  :P

I'm surprised your son would want a Cinquecento having watched the Inbetweeners... the show doesn't portray it as a desirable car lol. I'm also surprised that an 11 year old would even want a car... what's the point if you can't drive it! Are you sure this is not just an excuse for you to get a 126, Shielsy  :P

Tiny can drive he has had 3 driving lessons so far. There's a company who  teach young people from the age of 10 and up how to drive. I have a porsche 924 and beetle.


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