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Am back now with my 11 year old son who bought a 126

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Bar Vitelli:
Restoration pictures please! 🤩

Sorry haven t collected it yet. But in fairness to tiny he s doing a lot of Internet reading up.
I have a few bits to finish, paint the garage white inside to tidy up and help reflect the light, paint the floor then we'll get it.
Tiny dad

Tinys 126 is 1 step closer to coming home. He s saving his money, I gave him a folder to keep receipts in a 126 manual, my friend bought him a book to keep a record of his resto and a new hacksaw.
He emptied his money box of £8 and went to my mates car components shop. Gave the money to Adrian in exchange for da discs and sheets of sandpaper.
Adrian explained to him about the different grades and use, at 11 he has to learn somewhere.
We have been clearing the garage shed , cloakroom painted inside of the garage, he took 2 black bags of old clothes to the clothes bank and got £5,20 more money to spend on his car lol.
We stripped an ole jack cracking handle from my ole 126 plus original tool kit. I said if his car had t got them they where his, if he had them he could sell them to fund his 126.

Now refurbed

Tiny was given 2 more black bags off old clothes to sell he got £5.20 I gave him another £5.40.
So off to af components to buy more stuff for doing 126.
So far he s spent just under £17.
Another friend paddy mc Gill gave him a socket set to go with his other bits.
Doing OK for a 11 year old

Haven bother uploading pics anyone hep


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