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Am back now with my 11 year old son who bought a 126

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Was told about a man local that had 2 126s. Bi's. One with 12000 miles the other had 18000 or 20000 miles. Can't remember. Lol. Well my 11 year said he wanted an other car and he wanted a fait. He want Ed an inbetweeners car or a 126.

I told him about the 126 in donegal, so 13 miles down over the border we went.
The car was stored in a container under a cover bone dry, stripped for painting, never welded engine out for painting. I got one pic of him the car the owner in container, up later.

Well he bought it, needs ignition barrel keys first on list,
Let the fun begin

Tiny with his 126 barn find

Fantastic !!! Thats the age to start.

Mad keen to go and collect it. His mates Don t believe lol

Now it's snowing heavy out side. That will slow things down


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