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Hello there, I've received my import rhd Fiat 126 Bis this week, and I'm dealing with a few (hopefully) minor issues that I'm hoping to fix myself. First off, it's leaking oil, and seems only to do that when she stands still, but can't really confirm that. When looking down at the engine in the gap to the left near the rear wheel, the oil seems to drip from a pipe or hose of sorts. I can't tell if its oil collecting on that tube from somewhere else or of it's an actual leak at that location. I'm not a mechanic but am willing to learn and get my hands dirty if someone can give me any hints and suggestion, or better, supply me with a scan of a mechanics manual, or some tutorial specific to my problem. Other issues are: Brake warning is constantly on, even with hand brakes released, the horn doesn't sound but produces a hiss. Well hopefully someone can help... please?

PS: I will supply photos when chance permits.

Hi you'll have to give more info on the leak as your description is vague. Common leaky spots on a BIS are the crank seal and spigot bearing on the clutch end and the rocker cover gasket. The brake warning light will come on if the fluid resoviour is low so check the level. If it's to the MAX mark then look at the float and see if it actually floats or if it's got a hole in it and it sinks. If all s ok there have a look at the switch at the bottom of the handbrake lever and see if it is sticky. The horn sounds like it's just bust and needs replacing. Dead easy it's located just behind the front bumper by the front Spring.

Your honing to need to learn some basic mechanics with these cars but they are simple to work in for a novice to cut their teeth on :thumbup

Hello, sorry for taking my sweet time getting back at this (because ya know, work, procastinating, etc  ::)) I finally got around to take a closer look at the engine (from top at least) and  I may have found the main cause for the leak (see pic links below). My questions are: 1. Does this look a head gasket failure to you? 2. Is this something I can work on without removing the entire engine (I might at least try to retighten the bolts) 3. Should I even bother using any stop-leak additives? 4. Are there any instrucrional posts/videos or manuals in pdf floating around here that you or anyone can refer me to? My Bis came without manuals. Thanks for your help sofar, is highly appreciated.


Make sure you become a member of this site. There is all the documentation you are looking for here http://club126uk.co.uk/forum/index.php?page=page317

Its hard to tell what you have taken photos off, but it looks like the cover plate for the flywheel. No need to tighten any bolts there.

Does it drip oil all the time or only after you have taken it for a drive? If its only after a drive (maybe check 24h after last drive) then its most likely the crank seal. If the oil smell terrible its from the gearbox and not the engine. How do I know. I have the exact same issue. The crank bearing was shot, and it was shooting out oil into the bellhousing when the engine spun up.

You would be surprise how easy it is to remove the whole engine.
You dont even need a crane, you can disconnect all parts and unbolt it from the gearbox (or just remove the gearbox with it), support the engine on some wood and just push the car away from the engine:)

If only the crank bearing and seal is shot, you can replace it with this https://webshop.fiat500126.com/en/engine-parts-und-gaskets/crankshaft-und-bearing/rear-crankshaft-main-bearing-std-at-flywheel-side and this https://webshop.fiat500126.com/en/engine-parts-und-gaskets/crankshaft-und-bearing/radial-shaft-seal-for-engine-rear-_at-clutch-side

Indeed it's coming from the flywheel area my guess is the crank seal that's leaking oil onto the flywheel which is flinging the oil out into the bell housing. The part you need will literally be only a few dollars but unfortunately it's an engine out job. That sounds drastic but engine removal is actually not as bad as it sounds. Get yourself subscribed and you'll be able to access the offical Fiat workshop manual which covers rear crank seals.


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