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Hi from a new member searching for a 126. Any help appreciated

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Hi, I hope that someone can help me to trace my fiancées old Fiat 126 Bis.
She owned it around the mid to late 90's for approx 2 years. It is a pale yellow 1989 model, reg number F882 WFR, she sold it in the late 90's, she's based in Merseyside and wonders whatever became of her precious little beloved car, so I thought I'd do some investigating to see if I can find out f it still exists.
Judging by the DVLA records, it is on a SORN and the MOT expired in January 2014.
Maybe a fellow member on here knows about it or can advise me on how to find out any further info.
Much appreciated, thanks so much for any help offered.


Thanks very much dajwid for your reply, much appreciated. It is great to see the car again out and about at a meet/show. Did you actually see it yourself, or were these pics taken from a website? I've tried to search members of the North East astreedrod club but I can't seem to find out any more info unfortunately. If you have any more details, please pass the info on to me, that would be great. Thanks once again for your help, your a star. 👍🏼

Hi there Crawfy126 - I revisited this forum tonight for the first time in a long time. Did a search out of curiosity and found your post :)

F882 WFR is in my ownership still! I bought it in April 2011 (9 years ago, wow) and was my first car, bought when I was 17 for the grand sum of £620 on eBay from a bloke in Bradford. I drove round in it when I was in 6th form, and took it across to Carlisle with me when I went to university. Unfortunately in late 2013 it developed a rust hole in the floor, to the extent where you could see the tarmac of the road through it haha - even though the MOT was valid until Jan 2014 my dad insisted I should take it off the road, which I was upset by but safety first ey! But I have the little guy safe in storage, waiting to be restored. I've driven a number of cars over the years and he's without a doubt my favourite, even better to drive in my opinion than my Abarth 595 Comp 180 8)

Life has happened since taking him off the road in 2013; finished university in 2016, moved down to Birmingham for a job, moved back up to the north east in 2017 when I got a new job up here, bought a house 2018, and said house needs work doing to it. House comes with a garage, but the garage is in a state of disrepair so needs knocking down and rebuilding, and until that's done I can't think about restoring him as I'd have no where to put him once done! I bought the house by myself so I have no other half to go halfies with on renovation costs, so things take twice as long!

Love the car to bits; for such a tiny car he's made a huge impression on everyone that's met him! Here's a couple photos, the one I love is where a land rover parked next to him haha:

Bar Vitelli:
A beautiful car and a beautiful story, great to hear that you still have the 126 in your ownership after all this time! With a 126 in your life you will never be alone!


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