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Fitted the correct carb and while I was at it a new fan belt. All good cheap repro weber seems to be ok.

Another couple of hiccups, positive terminal came loose on alternator and headlights cut the ignition twice yesterday. Valve clearance on inlet no1 seems to keep changing, I've tweaked the clearances 3 times now as it would be fine for a while and then go rattly, could this be a bent pushrod?

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MOT time!!! One more next year before it becomes tax and MOT exempt :-)

This bit had always been a bit crappy so I thought I'd tidy it up so the MOT man didn't moan.....

Turned into a big hole in the outer sill / wing and highlighted a pretty rusty inner sill too, looks like water is leaking in from the windscreen seal!

I cleaned up the inner sill, treated it as far as I could reach and applied some hammerite but really I know this car will need new wings and new sills but for now I welded a patch and painted over this will do for now.

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Fitted 4 new Falken tyres as the old ones had perished and I knew MOT man wouldn't be impressed, turns out wheels were terribly corroded and front two tyres had inner tubes!! So had to stick the rims in the lathe at work and rework them so the tubeless tyres would seal.

Fitted a new rear wheel bearing and sidelight bulb holders (sidelights were always intermittent) and went for the test.......

It passed whoo hoo and I got no advisories at all, the MOT man was very impressed with the underneath he reckons it's solid just got a few bits to tidy up round the windscreen and rear window now :-)

Oh and this was there at the same time looking very cool

The little Fiat has been quite reliable recently, I'm still driving it every day and last week clocked over 50,000 miles :-) hoping to get to 60,000 in the next year without too much hassle. Only niggle recently was getting stuck in traffic for 50 mins and the idle vibration made the carb nuts work loose (I deliberately didn't tighten them too much as I warped the flange on my old carb) and the fretting destroyed the base flange gasket...... cue enormous air leak for the rest of the journey home. Cut a new gasket in the garage and all is well again. :-)


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