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After my last 126 'Beryl' getting stolen and drowned.

I have missed having a 126 to tinker with. for the last couple of years I've been looking for another.
Prices have gone crazy. I started looking at a Polish car but again older cars are fetching crazy money.
at last I saw a barn-find.

negotiated a price (I could actually afford) delivery 200 miles away was nearly the same price as the car.

Today the car was delivered. a 1979 Italian 18,000 miles. The car is not as bad as it looks. Floor is fine, sills good. Most of the rust is caused by water getting under the paint and it peeling, surprisingly it hasn't rotted through, well not everywhere.

the boot has totally disintigrated.

The panel under the screen certainly needs replacing, This is a huge pain, but nevermind. NS wing needs replacing. the rest will be cut out and new metal welded in.

My plan is to get it back on the road, not restore. The car is 40 years old and I want it to look like it.

Off on a shopping spree to Poland in June.



Photobucket says no.

A few of my cars from the past:-

Totally rotten underneath I got stitched up)

(the one I should have never sold, this was mid 90s Poland, it cost virtually nothing)

I think this one still exists, somewhere in the UK 

No comment  >:(

 My new project :) OK she needs a little TLC

Shopping list written, trip to Poland end June. Bought a new Mig and angle grinder.

A bit of an update:-
loads of parts bought from Poland, another trip due soon. I have a very long shopping list. All brakes and suspension will be replaced.

A few Ebay bargains. and bits and bobs:-

Electic pump and regulator (same as on my last 126. Braided hoses new fuel tank, so may as well change the whole lot.

I'm thinking of having this chromed?

rough spare boot lid slowly being stripped and ready for paint, the old one is just a little too far gone  :P

12" steels heading off to Essex Banded steels soon.

Spare engine stripped for rebuild.

Car gets moved to a nearer garage this week.

The reg number is strangely appropriate!  Good luck with the resto, keep us posted...


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