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Great Read, keep it coming.  :thumbup

Flying Carpet:
Thanks Gadge

We had removed the front suspension units on Sunday, so suitably encouraged, I had a go at the front suspension after tea...
The lower wishbone bushes didn't really put up much of a fight, and popped out fairly easily. Then I turned to the lower spindle bush, and pushed out the middle with one of the old centres I'd released previously.

Then it was the (now) time honoured practice of hacksaw and pin punch, and 15 minute later it was all done!

So now to order up some new bushes, and clean up the rusty bits in the meantime... But I think I'll enjoy a pint first! Cheers!

Flying Carpet:
It's been a while since our last post, but we haven't been completely idle...
With the car sat on a dolly we can push it easily around the workshop (workshop? nah, it's a shed!), so set to work in getting the front suspension cleaned up.

Dismantled the front spring to check it over, and get rid of the rust and grime. All ok, so primed and painted the leaves and reassembled with plenty of grease, then popped in a couple of new bushes to finish off.

I had decided on a disc brake conversion some time ago, and even thought we're a long way off needing them yet, I couldn't resist just trying the conversion plates on the stub axles for size. The calipers are from a base model 500, but are the same as Seicento / Punto ones, and the discs were old stock, just a tenner for the pair!


With the stub axles cleaned up and painted, and duly equipped with new bushes, it was then time to reassemble with the wishbone and spindle (yet more new bushes). Finally, we cleaned up the shocks as they checked out ok before disassembly, and finished them off in lurid yellow (more on that later).

That was the easy bit - now to look at the bodywork side of things....(gulp!)

A visit to Forza Italia gave us the opportunity to take a close look at this little beauty!

Really good to chat with the owner and hear all about it - picked up some crucial tips for our project
     -    thanks Gadge!                       :good:

Feeling suitably inspired, we took advantage of some fine weather and made a start on the bodywork. We knew there was something lurking under the non-original paint, so decided to strip the paint back carefully to avoid damaging any sound panels. Once we got past the filler, we found some battle scars and corrosion on the front panel.
The extent of the damage and the fact that we got a new front panel with the car meant that it was going to be easier to replace the whole thing. We were a bit daunted about the prospect of ending up with a misaligned front end, but fortunately the wings are in pretty good shape (apart from a couple of dings), so hopefully we should be able to use these and the bonnet to make sure everything lines up again.

Was a bit nervous about it, but the grinder soon passed the point of no return, and before long we had the front panel off.  

This is going to make the job of replacing the battery box much easier, and also we can repair the inevitable rot in the inner front wings a bit more easily.


Not quite ready to start tacking things together, but at least the school holidays are coming up, which means I should get some help!

your doing a cracking job  :o :wave :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

Pleasure to have met you - and your son of course! Your doing a fantastic job there on that front panel they are not easy to do. I had to do the battery box on mine but with the front panel on  :o and it was quite a job!

Keep up the good work :thumbup


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