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Battery isolator

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I highly recommend a battery isolator as a form of an immobiliser. Not only does it deter thieves but it also stops any drain on the battery particularly if the car is not used as often.


Less than a fiver!!

That is the one! I got mine from Halfords. Before I connected one, for some reason the battery would become weak or close to being flat after a spell of none use. But now there is virtually no drain on the battery, even if the car has not been driven for weeks.

weve fitted an isolater switch to my BIS nd i think its best thing you could do cos well they carnt hot wire it at all so there breaking in for nothing realy lol i put mine inside so it was easy to reach but its hidden out of view unless the  isolater switch is in

I am thinking of installing a battery isolator for my blue 126 and my Alfa GTV. I know Halford's sell them and Dajwid kindly provided an alternative supplier. For vehicles, there appears to be two types according to the Vehicle Wiring Products Ltd. A basic isolator switch and an isolator switch with ignition cut-off. I am keen to buy the one with the ignition cut-off and a spare resistor. My yellow 126 Bis has one but not sure what type it is. It makes a buzzing sound for 4 odd seconds once you turn on the switch. The battery isolator works perfectly as the battery retains the full charge (when car last used) even when the car has been unused for several weeks.

Does anyone know which is the one to buy?

On a complete tangent, a bit a dumb question, why does the other one need a resistor. Does it reduce/control the flow of electricity/current?


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