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Warning - Angle Grinder Man On Loose

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Rusty's Uncle:
 :oops: Be on the lookout for Angle Grinder Man. Apparently he has a thing about small Fiats  :o
He turned up at my house today and undeterred by wind, rain & snow did unthinkable things to my 126  ;D
I would describe him as a big stocky character , scruffy dresser ( or were they designer jeans ?) , spoke with a foreign accent & carried a big angle grinder .
Can anyone Stop this man  ???

Looks like you have a well dressed maniac in your area. Better keep an eye out for him!!

I have this strange feeling this maniac might be known to me for some reason.... I have heard he might also cut some polish goods so be aware :)

The short legs may be a give away as to the identity of this individual!

now there a man with my kinda thinking....


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