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Rusty's Uncle:
I recently looked at designing a linkage to run a twin choke Weber on an aircooled & had to buy more components than I needed. I bought a number of spring loaded racing spec quick release ball joints with an M5 thread, some stainless steel polished rod & stainless fixings. I made the link I needed then made one for a standard 500 / 126 set up. Possibly a little bit of pose but it has the advantage of running on ball joints plus the quick release feature lets you disconnect & remove the carb link in seconds so even if your car was broken into & started then the thief would have to make their escape on tickover  :oops:
I have sold 3 of them on eBay & they seem to be well received, the first one went to Hong Kong. Something nice about sending quality engineering to China. If there is any interest I can tell more  [-/

Bearing in mind my carb has suddenly developed problems out of the blue, I've had to take it off fairly regularly, I wouldnt mind a set  [-/


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