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Alarm systems are available at well under £100. when I customised my 126 I was going to carry on and remove the door handles but decided to go with just alarm with impact sensor, this can be modified in many ways and if you can follow the electical diagram in the 126 handbook is very easy to fit.  The alarm system has converted my 126 to central locking with electric window close and panic alarm, it also locks the doors once you are running the first time you hit the brakes.  Two other things it can do but I have not utilised it remote start the car (cant use this due to manual starter) and remote open the doors (Ok as long as you have a charged battery).

Just thought I'd let you all know.


Remote start is tricky as even when you have the solenoid starter, 126's dont have an auto choke.
Mine starts-up and then cuts out for some reason.

Central locking rocks though  [-/


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