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I have made a few alterations to the members group system. There are now three types of member groups.

Newbie: 0-5 Posts
Full access to the site, but restricted from using the forum's picture attachment mod and no access to the Image Gallery section. Cannot post on Shoutbox.

Member: 6-99 Posts
Full access to the site, unable to upload images to the Image Gallery.

Super Member: 100+ Posts
Full access to the site including uploading to the Image Gallery. Access to the subscribers technical sections,

Subscribers: Members who have made a contribution towards the club's running costs.
Full access to the site including uploading to the Image Gallery section, access to subscribers section which contains workshop manuals, epc information, etc.

I would love to give uploading access to everyone on the Image Gallery section, but I have to try to keep the bandwidth of the site to a reasonable level.


Subscribers: Members who have made a contribution towards the club's costs.
Full access to the site including uploading to the Image Gallery, with future plans to access more download areas.

Are we talking about in the past couple of years, or in the future, as many were paid up for a couple of years before the changes, some (1 for sure) paid up weeks before the changes?

The subscribers group addition is just a small bonus to thank these members for making a contribution to the forum's running costs. It will not affect the current standard members access in any way. Many other club forums run a similar type system.

It was unfortunate what happened to the old fiat126 club's membership system, but it was completely out of my control! And I do not want to go down this road again with members complaining about subscriptions! There will be no need to make any type of compulsory contribution.

We owe a big thank you to the subscriber members for making this forum possible. Without the subscribers members the forum would have closed down around a year ago!

Rusty's Uncle:
 ;D I was happy to chip a little dosh to keep this site going as it is one of the most popular & vibrant Fiat ones I visit , I never imagined that I would get lifetime priveledges for a small donation & now that I come to think of it I guess that I must be due for another sub. I will have to check out what is left in the paypal account after the crimbo shop fest to see what I can do to ensure a happy 126 New Year. We all know that times are hardening by the day but you have to hang onto the good things in life. Did I dream it or was it once written :
" Let he , who has the knowledge , time , skill & dedication to run a successfull web site for the sake of enthusiasts and for no personal reward , other than satisfaction & appreciation of the flock , be enabled & the fruits thus enjoyed. If all the toys in your pram have been strewn and rendered with malice then they may well fall on fallow ground".
Sure I read that somewhere , could have been in a workshop manual and I believe that translations may be available for the "hard of learning".
Anyway I just about know how to blow up a balloon , let alone run a web site !

Oh well Merry Christmas to all  ;) ;) ;) ;)

Costs need to be covered and there must be quite a few for the website.

I want to contribute, I'll shake the piggy bank :oops:


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