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Hi Michael, just a quick one regarding your ebay alarm, how is it going? I had my Bis broken into a couple of weeks ago and am obviously beefing up security and was thinking about getting one of those alarms. Is it easy to fit? Does it come with easy to follow instructions?
Cheers Scouse

I've not fitted it yet.
I'm currently rebuilding the engine which is taking up most of my fiat time!
It will be very simple to wire up. You need to connect one of the sensors to your door switches and if you want it to detect bonnet/boot the alarm has a lead but you'll have to put a switch in the car for those.

it doesn't have ultrasonic sensor with it, but you can buy one seperately and fit it. This will sound the alarm should a window be smashed.

It doesn't have any instructions, only a wiring diagram, but its very simple. If you do get one, keep in touch and i can help you through it.



does the snap-off steering wheel kit work great?


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