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I have a few projects i will be working on to improve the security of my car, but i do plan on keeping the costs as low as possible.
I'm getting my car back from the bodyshop today, but as I'm going on holiday next week i wont be starting anything just yet!

First thing i picked up was a snap-off steering wheel kit.
They're about £90 new but i won one on ebay for £50

I think this is one of the best visual deterrants I've seen. While a crook lock/steering wheel lock might give a thief a headache for 5 mins, If there isn't a steering wheel in the car - you can't drive it. Simple.
While this wont prevent anyone breaking in to steal the contents of the car, anyone looking for an easy joyride will keep walking, it wouldn't be worth the hassle.
Arguably car alarms and immobilisers will prevent the car from being driven off, but they will not be as effective in prevent someone from trying in the first place and doing the damage.

There are ones for about £35 on ebay but they don't allow you to lock the steering wheel to the car. Maybe paranioa set in but i was a bit concerned that someone might pinch my wheel out of spite which would leave me in a very awkward position!

They use the standard 6 bolt sports wheel fitting and fit between the wheel and the boss. I'm a bit concerned that it might bring the sttering wheel even closer to me, but i'll see how it goes once fitted.

I have also picked up a car alarm from ebay. The cheepest one i could find!

This ebay seller, ebay name (car_alarms) has several alarms to chose from. This system uses an encryptor called keyloq which changes the signal frequency from the keyfob everytime you arm the car.

Look out for this if you are buying a low cost alarm.
Back in the early 90's when alarms hit fords/vauxhalls etc many of them did not use an encryption system. This made it very easy for oppertunists to hide in a bush and use a scanner to detect the frequency used to arm your car and could very easily disarm it and hot wire the car.

One disadvantage of this low cost alarm is that he cannot provide replacement keyfobs, but given the initial price of the alarm i figured it would be just as cheep to buy a new one from him should I lose both fobs.

The alarm does not provide you with any sensors, the idea is that you use the existing door open switches as sensors. I plan to fit sensors in the boot, bonnet, windows and sunroof if i can.
A sensor can be as simple as a switch, or as complex as a motion sensor or an ultrasonic sensor for detecting broken glass. (Switches are more than adequate for this, but i will be looking at motion sensors at a later date).
I will be using reed switches (available from RS and maplins)

these use magnets and have no contacting parts which means they're very reliable and completely waterproof. They are a bit more expnsive than microswitches or push switches, but i don't want to be woken up at 3 am due to a faulty alarm switch!!

Once i start fitting these items i will be looking at making a reinfoced cage to mount the siren to prevent it from being cut, and somewhere to hide the alam module. As well as this i will be looking at some carefull wiring to make it a bit more secure.


I'll have to pop over and check your new system out once it's done. I have a new wood rim/sports wheel on mine now. i tend to use the tool kit I keep in the car to take it off every time I park it in public. it's very simple, but will it end up damaging the threads and splines if I keep doing it?

It probably will wear the threads in the boss, it would take a long time though.
I'd like to get one of the wood rim steering wheels, they lok really nice. i'm just finishing a leather refurb to my sports wheel, its taken far too long to do!!

....what do you do with the wheel when you go places?

I only take it off when it's parked over night in the public car park near my flat - so I just bring it into the flat. I've actually seen a guy smashing a window and braking into a car in this car park, so don't want to give him extra reason to get into mine.

Alternatively, if I do take it off and happen to go to the pub or something I bring it in with me and instigate a rendition of "The wheels on the bus go round and round..." whilst playing the driver!


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