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Stunning car!

However, is it true what they said in the listing, 'ONE OF ONLY 3 BAMBINO MODELS BUILT' - I thought there were only a few models i.e. the original, BIS, DeVille, Happy End, never heard of a Bambino model?

Bar Vitelli:
Nice car but not too keen on the ferrari-ness of it...the price has gone up quickly...could be a £3k+ sale!

Nice tight car! But a real shame about the Ferrari badges  :yikes
It says: 4 SPEED MANUAL WITH FERRARI SHIFT SYSTEM  :lol: :lol: :lol:

And I can't remember it beeing featured in Practical Classics...

There was a company in England that made Bambinos  ??? He bought Fiat 126 from Poland did a rebuils then listed them on Ebay as Bambinos. He charged about £4000 and Yes people did bid. He told me when I asked that he is the only company to make official Bambinos.

Yes I know it is Bo%&*$ks but that was the story.

Very often the Germans referred to the square head as Bambino and the cars were known as a Bambino in Italy.

The picture on Ebay does not show the Engine just lots of ghastly Ferrari bits and bobs.
(I would like the steering wheel though, please)

Unless it has been resprayed I don't think this car was in practical classics in 2009. Will ask them.


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