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Same car but cheaper :-)



Nice 126, Resprayed obviously but looks good. Price £1600 That is a lot of money as the car is in Poland. But fear not the same car is for sale in Poland for only £1102

 ;D :-X Very naughty, but I suppose if you are English you are rich anyway so £500 difference is nothing :D

I wrote to ask why it was £500 more expensive the reply was:-

It is not - the buying options are different on each of the portals - if you are conversant with that you should know that "buy now" price doesn't mean "reserve price", do you get it? The starting price is slightly higher on ebay because selling a car to a foreign buyer involves much more trouble and paperwork and the cost and strife with ebay much greater - have you ever tried selling something on ebay - I think I could write a book about it, even now my action is not internationally visible as I wanted. Domestic transaction is just one signature.

So simply put, paperwork and strife costs £500!
 :D :D :D :D :D :D ;D

 >:( :D :D :D </4

but then again if they deliver it for you they bring the family....only joking !!!! dont start.    pay it with a visa....ho ho ho


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