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Coolant level indicator part number 7642553


Does anyone have this or know where I could find one? Not having much luck with my searches. Below is a photo:

I'm afraid they are as rare as rocking horse poo.

Good luck though.

Have you put a meter across the terminals or has the float fallen off? I found this on eBay but it's allot of money to find out, it has what looks like the same type of fitting but the part number is Lancia

Or you maybe able to adapt something like this

Thanks for the info. I have taken my apart and it seems like a broken reed switch may be the culprit. Just bought a batch of 5 on ebay for £3 and will report back.

Success! I think I fixed it. I setup a new reed switch in the normally closed position, soldered it in and appears to be OK now. I put some pictures here:

First picture shows the original reed switch was broken. Later one shows a new one soldered in.

Here is a video showing the circuit opens/closes fine (opening the circuit and turning off the coolant indicator light) when the float rises.


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